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Coffee Packaging: How to Find Your Place in a Massive Market

Coffee first started to be cultivated as early as the 15th century, and ever since then, it has become one of the world's most popular drinks. It only makes sense that you should step into the coffee industry when you have the chance. However, there is a problem: how should you choose the right coffee packaging and how can you use it to find your place in the coffee market?

After all, the coffee market is huge and very competitive. If you're not prepared with product development and packaging development strategies, you'll never have a chance to compete. But product packaging matters more than you might expect.

Indeed, coffee packaging is what consumers see before they even see the coffee beans themselves. So, if you manage to come up with great packaging for your consumer goods packaging, your brand development, and coffee products might be a great success. But where should you start and what should you consider when choosing packaging and packaging design?

Keep reading and learn more below.

Make Your Brand Design Clear and Informative

The first thing you will need to consider is how to advertise your brand on your product's packaging. If you take a look at any bag of coffee, you will see that the brand behind the product will have included their brand all over the packaging design. For example, a brand will usually put its brand name, logo, and motto on all of its packaging.

This is important because if a brand does not display itself on its own packaging, no one will know who makes the product. This, of course, is not good for brand awareness. If you don't advertise your own brand on your packaging in a loud and clear fashion, no one is ever going to find out about your brand or remember it.

Even if you sell the best coffee in the world, you need to make sure that you put your brand somewhere on the coffee bag's design. That way, when a person tries your brand of coffee and if they like it, they will remember your brand was the one to make it and they will be more likely to buy from you again. While this is a very simple consideration, it is also very important.

Besides putting your brand name or logo on the coffee bag design, you will also want to think about what the rest of the coffee bag should look like. What kind of colors or patterns should be on the bag? What kind of material should the bag be made of?

What You Need to Know

Keep in mind that the coffee packaging is the first thing that your consumers will see when buying coffee. If the coffee packaging bags are dull and don't have a lot of personality, people are not going to be tempted to buy them. Instead, they will often opt for bags that are more colorful or attractive.

If you don't know where to start when designing your coffee packaging, it is best to work with a professional branding and packaging company. Such a company will have experienced professionals ready to help you choose the best packaging options for your brand. That way, your packaging will both be esthetically attractive as well as functional and you'll have a chance to stand out against all the competition in the ever-growing coffee market.

Such a company will also be able to help you decide which types of packaging might be best for your particular type of product. This is especially important to consider when it comes to packaging coffee since there are many different types of coffee bags to choose from.

Types of Coffee Packaging You Should Consider

There are many types of coffee bags you can consider, but not all of them may fit with your brand design. First, let's consider flat-bottom coffee bags. As the name suggests, these bags have a flat bottom on them to help the bags stand upright.

It is actually one of the most popular choices for coffee bags. This is because, due to the way the coffee bag stands up on its own, it easily displays the design printed on the front. This is effortless advertising for your brand and consumers will be able to see exactly what they're buying.

These bags are also easy to store and put on shelves since they are brick-shaped with a folded top for easy access. The only problem is that because this kind of coffee bag is so popular, your brand might not stand out from the competition if it looks like any other coffee brand. For that reason, you might want to consider another type of coffee packaging if you really want to stand out.

Another popular choice in coffee packaging is known as the quad seal bag. This bag also stands up on its own and displays its design very well no matter where you put it. The benefit of this bag, in particular, is that it is very sturdy and can usually support heavier and larger loads of coffee compared to flat bottom bags.

The Details

The top of this bag has a fine and firm seal that makes the bag easy to open. The only downside to this bag is that it tends to be more expensive than other types of coffee packaging. However, if you have the funds and want to give your coffee packaging a unique and stylish look, you should definitely try these quad seal bags.

Yet another popular packaging choice for coffee is the doypack. This bag is similar to the quad seal bag in structure. It stands up on its own and makes it easy for consumers to see what brand the coffee is.

What makes it unique is that it has a zipper at the top so it is very easy to open and close the bag. Many consumers prefer this bag because it is so convenient and there is no need to haphazardly tear open a bag just to get to the coffee. Unfortunately, this bag tends to be a bit on the expensive side and is usually designed to hold small amounts of coffee.

Once you decide on the right bag for your coffee packaging, you will also need to consider a few extra features that your packaging may or may not need.

Extra Coffee Packaging Features to Consider

While choosing a coffee bag and a design for the bag are both very important visually, you also need to think about features that affect the coffee itself. For example, you will find that any good bag of coffee will have a small valve on one of its sides. This is known as a one-way degassing valve.

Its function is to let out any carbon dioxide in the bag. Coffee beans and grounds produce carbon dioxide naturally and if this gas builds up inside the bag, it can ruin the coffee and make it taste stale or dull. But this degassing valve allows the carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the bag.

Again, this is also important because if oxygen reaches the coffee, it can alter its flavor in a negative way. Another feature you should consider is a zipper. As mentioned with the doypack, a zipper is a very convenient feature to have on your coffee packaging.

Zippers and Different Sizes

Your consumers won't have to worry about figuring out a good way to break into the bag or how to reseal the bag once it's open. Zippers are also great for prolonging the life of the coffee inside the bag. As long as the seal on the zipper is strong enough, it should keep oxygen out and the coffee should stay in great shape for several weeks without going bad.

Finally, you should consider selling your packaging in different sizes. Not everyone wants to buy a big bag of coffee. Some people might only want to buy a small bag to use once or twice.

Whatever the case, as mentioned before, working with a professional packaging company will be of great help when it comes to deciding on all of these different factors.

What You Need to Know About Coffee Packaging

Choosing the right coffee packaging for your brand doesn't have to be difficult, but you should consider a few important factors. For example, your packaging should advertise your brand and it should be visually attractive so it can compete with all the other coffee brands on the market. You should also consider the right type of coffee bag as well as extra features like zippers and valves.

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