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Functional lattes to fuel your mind & mood - without the jitters.

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The VF Potions logo is a beautifully contemporary take on the aesthetic of traditional apothecary labels. This was an aesthetic decision, as well as a functional decision, knowing that the logo would primarily be used to live on products in the brand. With a distinct logotype, branded stars and a potion bottle icon adorning the iconic VF - the logo combines multiple significant layers of the brand. 

vf potions - logo press.png




When bringing the packaging to life, the decision to work with a standardized vessel lead to a need to upgrade and refine the look and feel across 360 degrees of the pouch. Our team created a graphic treatment, deeply inspired by the magical roots of the potion branding, paired with the clean minimalism of a beautiful granite pattern. This texture, combined with brand specific typography and bespoke symbols for each ingredient, is the cornerstone of the VF Potions packaging. 



The packaging development process also lead to the creation of one of the most iconic layers of the brand; with a minimal list of extremely vital and healthy ingredients being so integral to the brand, our team decided to list each ingredient down the front of the package and punctuating the list with That's it. which would go on to become an essential motto of the brand. These elements are easily replicated and iterated upon for future blends. 

Brain Blend R1 - mock.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 10.41.43 PM.png



With such a clean and beautiful brand image, it was vital that we kept this across all branded avenues - especially the look and feel of the VF Potions website. While developing the website, we constantly made sure it was as diligently designed as the food packaging.

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