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The anti-brewing company.



The Three Jerrys Brewing Company was a concept collaboration between MiLK&BULL and a private label hudson valley, small batch, brewing company. The owner's name is Jerry which, coincidentally, happens to be a slang term for a person who lacks skill or talent. This lead to the idea for a vintage-revival, anti-brewery where all the branding materials would not only be funky in aesthetic, but also presentation - Three Jerrys Brewing Company was born. 

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The craft beer labels were the first thing our team handled for the brewing co. and in our branding philosophy, when building a brand identity, everything needs to feel connected back to the root of the brands identity. Out of this process came the minimal color palette (made of mostly muted or pastels) and the goofy, yet psychedelic typographic design we have now. All of which are made up of the owner's own quirky catchphrases. Ultimately, Grounding everything in white (including caps, legal and carton), to bring a modern flare to the brand. Of course, we also needed to create a logo, which led the 70's style, custom logo, you see. 



When undergoing the branding creation and implementation process, we always try to take a wholistic approach in order to make sure all no aspect falls through the cracks. A brand's identity should be apparent in all aspects, as a sort of visual language for brand positioning in their market. This includes the logo, packaging and then even the advertisements used to present the brand to an audience. This is why we have flaming cartons, broken glass, and distorted type in all Three Jerrys branding materials. Furthermore, MiLK&BULL always seeks to create an outcome that fits the client first and foremost. For the owner of Three Jerrys Brewing Co., who lives a crafted, vintage lifestyle, that of which is the band image - it just makes sense. 

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