Check Your Sites SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how you get found organically. Without it your website is invisible. Its like opening a coffee shop and not putting up a sign.


Does your business still have brown paper blocking the windows? Find out if your site does. 

The speakeasy strategy hasn't proven to be lucrative when it comes to websites. The internet is too expansive. Your website needs to have enough information on it that the search engine can "read" it and understand what your website is about. The job of a search engine is to provide searchers the most relevant results. 

Many businesses achieve this by becoming a resource for their potential clients. Anytime someone researches a question related to your product they should find the answer on your website.

The optimization factor of SEO is a result of making sure that you are using the optimal key words. Ones that you can rank highly for. Keyword research also allows you to discover under used or underserved keywords your customers may be searching but not finding quality content for.