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Why Outsourcing Marketing is the Best Choice for Small Business

Updated: May 8, 2021

Succeeding as a small business owner is no easy feat. There is ton's of pressure from local competitors alone not to mention big business. Unlike venture capital backed companies you have limited resources, especially the two most precious ones: time and money. At MiLK & BULL We always choose to save time over money, because time is fleeting, while there will always be more money to be made.

These are both clear motives for seeking to outsource marketing, however, the biggest benefit is the time factor. Sure you could do your own marketing, run a couple ads here and there, put something in the newspaper but this is not what we are talking about. By hiring an expert, you buy their years of experience in the field, working with different marketing tools, which works to your advantage. When compounded with the experience and knowledge you have of your own personal niche, the pair allows for stronger campaigns and greater growth. This is what many business owners forget. Outsourcing does not mean 100% hands off. When you hire a firm you should view them as an extension of your company. You should work with them to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Here is what it would take to DIY your company's website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This example will hopefully demonstrate how valuable hiring an expert can be. Now if you want to do your own SEO, this example will lay out some of the steps and resources to get started. In order to do SEO yourself you would have to learn SEO and potentially get certified, which is a minimum two week process. We recommend checking out (This website has great training and SEO research tools.) However, at that point you have some knowledge, but you'll lack the technical experience. Meaning, you’ll have to spend an additional 6 months to a year analyzing data and honing your skills - not to mention paying around $120/month just for basic SEO data analysis tools. It’s easy to see how, beyond saving you money, hiring an expert would save you time and grow your business faster.

Certainly there is a case for doing it all yourself; if you already have a background in the field and enjoy doing this part of the business, it can feel like a no brainer. Yet, when we know that time is our most valuable resource, and I know you value your time highly - the real no brainer is hiring someone else to free up the time it will take you to run a proper marketing program, at a fraction of the cost of your own paid labor.


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