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What to Look for When Hiring a Packaging Design Company

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The consumer goods industry is fiercely competitive. One way that companies stand out from the crowd with memorable designs for packaging.

As a business owner, you’re a product expert. However, designers are experts in designing product packages.

It’s essential to invest in your brand image. When you’re on the hunt for a new packaging design for your product, finding the best company for the job is equally important.

When it comes to hiring a packaging design company, there are many factors that you’ll need to take into consideration. Firstly, you need to figure out what you want from the packaging design. Next, you’ll need to consider what you need in a design company.

To learn more about what to look for when hiring a packaging design company, keep reading.

Your Packaging Matters

When people see new releases from famous brands, such as Samsung, Louis Vuitton or Apple, they get excited. In many cases, they have no idea what the product is about.

Nevertheless, these brands have done a great job at building customer loyalty. Resultantly, potential buyers look forward to their new products.

However, these companies perform well for another reason besides their strong brands. They’ve also mastered the art—and science—of presenting products in unique and compelling ways.

Packaging design can have a massive impact on the customer experience. It can transform how customers relate to your brand.

It helps to think of packaging design as more than just a way to deliver your products. Instead, you should view your packaging design as a way to convey a message to your audience. You can also use your package design to tell your story or share your brand identity.

With this in mind, try to think of your brand as a person. In marketing, experts create buyer personas. In this instance, however, you want to develop a persona for your brand.

Start the Process by Assessing Your Needs

Finding the right packaging designer begins with understanding your needs. Of course, you need to protect your goods.

Adequate packaging will serve this purpose. It will make sure that your packages arrive safely.

Your packaging must also meet compliance and safety requirements. It’s important that your packaging designer can provide these outcomes.

When you’re looking for a packaging designer, there are a few more things you want to consider. Still, before you start looking for a packaging designer, you need to figure out what you want them to do.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Every industry and product present a unique packaging design challenge. In the food business, for instance, the primary role of packaging is to protect the product from damage. The packaging must also protect goods from any external influences that can cause food to spoil.

For instance, food packaging must have a good seal to ensure freshness. It must also help to maintain the food at the right temperature.

In this field, protection and preservation are primary goals. Likewise, you’ll need to figure out the primary goals for your industry when it comes to packaging.

Consider Package Security

Product tampering is a very important concern. Here, you need to think about the entire journey of your product, from the factory to the consumer.

For example, you may need to ship products that are sensitive or vulnerable to contamination and damage. If so, you need to consider a special packaging solution.

The solution must make it difficult for a malicious actor to tamper with your products. You might also consider packaging that provides a clear sign or warning that someone has tampered with your packaging.

Think About Product Integrity

You may also produce items that are breakable or fragile. These kinds of items can break or get damaged easily in transit. In this instance, you’ll want packaging that will enable you to ship them safely.

You may not have a problem in this area if you don’t receive many damaged returns. This circumstance is usually a good indication that your packaging is sufficient—at least in terms of product integrity.

However, excessively damaged goods aren’t always a packaging issue. You could also find that your shipping company isn’t handling your items with care.

In that case, this circumstance is another issue that you’ll need to address. Here, you’ll need to get to the root of the problem to learn whether you need to revise your packaging design or deal with your shipping service.

Keeping Your Goods Safe

Some items are sensitive in other ways. For instance, you’ll need to worry about changes in temperature with some goods. Alternatively, you may need to watch out for exposure to various chemicals.

In these cases, you need to find a solution that provides sufficient thermal resistance. Most likely, you’ll need a packaging option that involves a container. What’s more, the material must provide proper protection.

The right kind of container can keep your product safe from variable temperatures. It can also protect it from chemicals and other kinds of exposure.

Legal Considerations

Some firms ship hazardous goods. These companies are subject to considerable legislation.

If your company falls into this category, you must find a packaging supplier that understands how to work within hazardous shipping guidelines. They can help your business remain in legal and regulatory compliance.

As you search for a packaging designer, you’ll want to ask about their technical knowledge and expertise in this area. This kind of questioning will help you to find a viable solution that meets your needs. It will also keep you on the right side of the law when it comes to meeting applicable industry standards.

Find a Balance Between Form and Function

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a great-looking packaging design. You want packaging that presents your products in the best way possible.

However, it must do more than provide a pleasing aesthetic. It must also function practically. In other words, you don’t want to choose a beautiful packaging design that will cause distribution problems.

Finding a balance in this area is more challenging than you might imagine. It’s not as easy as it sounds to design an attractive package that meets the challenges of shipping. It’s a delicate balancing act.

The Cost of Shipping

As you consider packaging design, you also want to consider the size and strength of the packaging. For example, you might need special packaging for large products.

These considerations will ensure that your goods arrive safely. However, they will also play into how much your package shipping costs.

You also want to consider internal packaging. For example, you might want to think about secondary materials, such as shrink wrap and flexible films.

These items can help to keep your goods as safe as possible during shipping. With the right combination of primary and secondary packaging, you can come up with a packaging design that is both lightweight and strong.

Product Packaging Budget Considerations

Herein lies one of the most difficult package design considerations for business owners. It’s nearly always difficult to find a high-quality, safe material for a packaging solution that’s within your desired budget.

Again, you’ll need to experiment with various packaging materials. You’ll need to try different options to find an acceptable balance. Here, you’re looking for the perfect harmony of presentation and protection for your goods.

Why You Want to Work with a Design Expert

In most cases, the outside of your packaging is as equally as important as what’s inside. Here is where the exceptional value of a package design partner comes to light.

In many cases, it’s not what customers get. It’s more about how you package it.

Most customers don’t think about package design. Nevertheless, it matters more than most people believe.

The design of your package is the first thing that people see when they look at what you have to offer. Often, it’s the first touchpoint where consumers judge your product. You can find top quality packaging designers on DesignRush.

Still, there are several more reasons why you want to work with a package design expert.

You’ll Get More Done Faster

Figuring out all the right elements to go into a new package design takes a lot of time. The process can take hours of your day. Some companies put together teams that spend weeks developing packaging designs.

By working with a package design company, you’ll gain immediate access to their expertise. As a result, your team can manage the other important functions regarding your product line. Your company can perfect what goes in the package, while your design partner perfects the outside of the packaging quickly.

You’ll Get It Done for Less

A professional package design company already has the resources to create optimal packaging. On the other hand, your company will have to invest in the equipment, and possibly the training, to get up to speed.

Instead, you could hire a package design company for a fraction of these costs. A design firm already has the latest resources to create a phenomenal package design.

They continually help brands to capture the minds, and dollars, of consumers. As a result, they already have the experience and tools for the job.

A Designer Will Help You Increase Profits

A stunning product packaging design draws consumers’ eyes. Compared to a standard or poorly designed package, your professionally designed packaging will win every time.

A professional packaging design firm can help you generate more sales. More sales equal more immediate revenue.

In addition, a stunning design will increase your brand recognition and loyalty. The right packaging design can help increase the popularity of your products. As a result, you’ll also enjoy increased long-term revenue.

These benefits are among the top advantages of working with an expert design firm.

You’ll Benefit Greatly from Their Know-How

Hiring an outside design team gives you immediate access to expert skills without the need to post a job and vet internal design candidates.

Leading packaging design firms have made remarkable designs for some of the most well-known brands around. By hiring a packaging design firm, you’ll get instant access to their knowledge—and their success.

Packaging design experts know what colors, shapes and overall looks to create to deliver results. They know how to produce packaging designs with a high probability of success. Their deliverables can help you move your products off the shelves and into consumers’ homes.

You’ll Learn More About Selling Your Goods

Product packaging design is a collaborative process. As you work with your packaging design consultant, you’ll learn more about advertising and protecting your brand.

You’ll also learn a great deal about working in your niche. You’ll pick up tips along the way as you work with the design experts.

The more that you learn about promoting your brand, the more you can meet the needs of your audience.

Your packaging design team will help you create the perfect look for your goods. At the same time, they’ll help you meet the needs of your current and future customers.

This kind of information is always helpful. The things that you learn will benefit you in future advertising campaigns.

You’ll Gain Marketing Direction

By working with an expert packaging design firm, you’ll gain access to a solid foundation for your product. In many cases, design firms make the process easier with pre-made samples. The samples will give you a better idea of the feel that you want to create with your packaging.

Companies know how to match your product with the right feel. The perfect combination of these items makes a positive impression that your customers won’t forget. Together, your product and packaging will create an unforgettable visual image.

You Can Get Started on Your Terms

If you’re new in your field and you’re just starting to expand, you may feel intimidated by hiring a packaging design firm. Here, it’s important to remember that the design firm works for you.

If you desire, you can get started with a packaging design firm today. They’ll immediately put their exceptional talent to work for your company.

It’s always better to consult with a skilled packaging design firm sooner rather than later. The more time you give a firm to complete your project, the more accurately they can deliver your packaging design ideas.

You’ll Know You’re Getting the Best Packaging Possible

Here’s another area where the experience of a packaging design firm comes into play—you’re guaranteed an exceptional product design.

An experienced packaging designer knows what works. They’ll deliver an exceptional product.

Again, packaging design is a partnership. You can advise the designer on changes or edits as you desire.

When it comes to packaging design, quality is everything. In the end, the designer will deliver packaging that helps you stand out from your many competitors.

This outcome is what successful packaging design is all about. The designer will take your vision and bring it to life—and you’ll reap the benefits of increased revenue.

Your Customers Will Appreciate the Upgrade

Whether they know it or not, people buy things that catch their eye. Great packaging design starts with a memorable logo and packaging.

As a consumer goods retailer, you’re competing in a field that’s packed with rivals. It’s vital to gain a competitive edge wherever you can.

You want your customers’ attention on your products. What’s more, you want the right customers paying attention.

The right packaging design company can help you to accomplish this task.

Choosing a Packaging Design Company

The design of a package is the least remembered part of a product after consumption. However, a poorly designed package will leave consumers feeling frustrated and disappointed in your product—and they won’t forget it.

Effective packaging design is highly complex. Although a consumer may like your packaging, they’re not aware of how it gets their attention when they’re making a buying decision.

Resultantly, your packaging plays a critical role in sales. However, it also contributes to customer satisfaction. It’s important to choose a packaging design company that can manage the many small details that go into great packaging design.

With this in mind, there are a few things you want to consider when looking for a great packaging design company.

Check Out Their Past Work

The first step in vetting packaging designers is one of the easiest things to do. As you research various firms, visit their websites.

You want to look for their portfolios. You might find their portfolios under a link such as “Our Work” or “Our Clients.”

Here, you want to try to assess whether the firms’ designs are successful. In this regard, you need to do a little research. Contact the design company and find out the results delivered by the items in their portfolio.

What’s Their Capacity?

The bandwidth of a packaging designer is also important. You’ll need to select a design firm that can manage your workload.

You want to ask a potential designer extensively about their turnaround time. You also want to inquire about their policy on revisions.

You’ll want to review their service level agreement in detail. You also want to ask any other process-related questions during this stage.

As an aside, it’s also important that you meet your deadlines as a client. The best packaging design firm in the world can only deliver the desired results if you provide them with the information needed to do their job.

Can They Give You Options?

Sometimes, you can’t avoid last-minute requests. For instance, you may have been waiting for approval from your legal department. Alternatively, your marketing department may have just noticed a last-minute change in consumer behavior.

With this in mind, you’ll also want to find a flexible packaging design company. A nimble designer can adapt and respond to these challenges quickly. Yet, they can provide the same level of exceptional service.

Compare Pricing

Of course, cost is a concern when selecting a product design company. Here, you want to shop around.

Ask for quotes from various companies. You may find a company that will provide great service at a better cost.

You may come across a rate that seems too good to be true, and you’re probably right. You don’t want to automatically choose the design firm with the lowest rate.

In the end, you’ll most likely regret simply going with the cheapest design service. Most likely, you’ll end up with a horrible package design.

Reaching Your Goals with Great Package Design

An exceptional package design firm will help you find a creative solution for your business problems. They’ll provide you with packaging that’s attractive. Moreover, they’ll develop a packaging solution that works.

The right packaging will deliver a high level of function and performance. It will take a number of factors to deliver these kinds of benefits.

For instance, your packaging will need to have the right logo. The packaging design will also need to support the logistics needs of your product.

It takes a bit of work to find a packaging design company that can provide you with the right balance of brand image and integrity. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to find just such a firm.

Your Partner in Design Success

Now you know more about what to look for when hiring a packaging design company.

MiLK&BULL is a design studio that specializes in packaging design, marketing, music and apps. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for our clients and their customers.

We deliver thoughtful, innovative, and beautiful designs. Moreover, we take pride in our work and love what we do! At MiLK&BULL, we’ll help you stand out from your competition with creative branding solutions that make your products look more appealing than ever before.

Don’t wait. Contact MiLK&BULL to get started on your project today.

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