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Taco Bell Logo Review

Updated: May 8, 2021

Alright, who doesn’t want to Live Mas? However, it seems the taco bell logo is fading away. It's lost a lot of color since the 80's. Although I must say the pink bell screams 90’s so maybe moving away from that logo wasn’t a terrible idea. The new logo definitely has a sleeker feel to it.

Taco Bell has had around 6 logo’s over the years but my favorite has to be the one from the 80’s (The one on the far left). It’s more traditional and gives the vibe of a more traditional Mexican restaurant. Now Taco Bell is far from a traditional restaurant so moving away from more traditional branding makes sense for them. However, if I saw that logo on their packaging in a grocery store, I'd be much more likely to buy it then the same product with their web 2.0 logo.

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