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How to Use Fieldcraft to Find Ingredients and Suppliers

Are you a consumer goods producer looking for high-quality ingredients ? Maybe you're a distiller looking for liquor ingredients? Or perhaps you are a baker, miller, manufacturer, maltster, or another type of food processor. No matter your craft, Fieldcraft can help you find the highest quality ingredients from top suppliers.

Fieldcraft is a B2B marketplace where food and beverage companies can find sustainable ingredients and suppliers from all over the globe quickly and easily. Fieldcraft focuses on connecting sustainable agricultural producers to buyers, simplifying the marketing and supply chain process for the alternative food system.

Keep reading to learn how Fieldcraft works and how you can use this powerful tool for yourself.

How Fieldcraft Works

The first step to using Fieldcraft for sourcing ingredients is to sign up. It's free to sign up. You only have to provide your email, a password, your company name, and your country.

Once you've signed up for free, you can begin searching and finding the ingredients and suppliers that meet your needs. You will have access to thousands of options through the propriety database and search engine.

After clicking on "start your search," you will be taken to the database page where you can search various criteria on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can search for a plant variety and the form of processing of the ingredient. You can search for the method of growing from conventional, transitional, organic, identity preserved, and GMO. You can also search for solutions, certifications, capabilities, and the country of origin of the product or supplier.

The suppliers and ingredients that match all of your criteria will appear in a list in the center of the screen. You can click on"view results" to learn more about the supplier and the product. This will take you to another page where you will choose "more detail" and learn the variety, form, method, specifications, origin, and contact information of the supplier.

To learn more about the supplier, you can click on "overview" at the top under their name. This will provide information on their methods, locations, and products, and you can save the supplier here if you wish.

If the product meets your needs, you can choose to message, call, share, or save the supplier. If you message the supplier, a contact form will appear where you can choose the production methods you're interested in as well as the sample and production volumes. You may also write a message with more details if you desire, and request ingredient samples.

If you like the supplier, you can view the rest of the ingredients they offer by clicking on "ingredients" under the supplier's company name. You may find they sell a variety of ingredients that meet your needs.

Get Started Today

Fieldcraft is an innovative ingredient marketplace and supplier marketplace, and the only streamlined supply chain service focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing. If you are wanting to begin sourcing ingredients that you love while supporting sustainable agriculture and production practices, then Fieldcraft is the perfect option for you.

Get started today by signing up here.

Next Steps

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