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How to Niche Down without Shrinking your Business

Updated: May 8, 2021

Why not niche down on you ad campaigns rather then your business as a whole. Everyone loves a good buzz word they quickly get picked up by business coaches and influencers trying to sell business courses. What does niche down even mean? It's just saying you need to be specific about your product or service offerings. This is a thing I struggled with for a while. If I can offer 10 services and help 10 different kinds of customer why would I limit it to just 1. Who turns away business? Especially when you're starting out.

The benefits of niching down are

  • Your customers feel they are dealing with an expert

  • Removes ambiguity and builds trust.

  • Improves return on ad spend

  • Easier to succeed

Our solution - dedicated landing pages for all services and niched ad campaigns. This way you get high return on your ad spend and don't have to cut your business in half. Let's take a repair shop for example. If they run ads for the keywords related to "Repair Shop near me" their ads will be served to people looking for a body shop, the specialty corvette shop down the street, and people looking for computer repair. The general campaign will have a lower click through rate then the ad campaigns specific to their key services: Brakes, Oil Changes, and Tires.

Just think about it as a human. You are looking to get your cars oil changed. You type into google repair shop near me and you get served three ads:

  1. "Quality Corvette Service | 25 Years in Business",

  2. "Oil Change Special $19.99 | Jerry's Garage", and

  3. "Clunker Auto Repair | We Do it All"

Which one would you click on? The caveat here is that in bigger markets its much more competitive and the ads will all be specific to what you are searching. The point is if your ad isn't you are loosing customers to the companies who's ads are.

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