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How to Choose a Co-Packer: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Co-packing is a breath of fresh air when you're a hard-working business owner. With the global contract packaging market expected to grow to almost 90 billion dollars in 2026, there is no other perfect time but now to invest in co-packing services!

Product packaging is a tedious process, especially when you're already running an entire business. A high-quality co-packer can take your consumer goods from average to high-end, without even changing the product! A guaranteed boost in sales from consumer goods packaging will have you investing in a co-packaging company in no time!

Are you a producer marketer wanting to make your package goods look more luxurious? Are you wondering if getting a co-package service is worth the money? We have all the answers for you in this simple guide! Continue reading so you can learn the dos and don'ts of getting a co-packing service.

What Is a Co-Packer?

In simple terms, a co-packer is a company that packages your products. This can include only labeling and packaging, or manufacturing your product and sending it to you for packaging. Either way, a co-packer is a partner in your business relations who can help make your lifestyle easier.

Why Should I Do Co-Packing?

A co-packer is helpful because they can take the stress off your shoulders by being a helping hand in the production process. How much assistance you need is entirely dependent on you.

For example, if I have a company selling dessert cakes, then I will send the cake to my co-packer; they will package and label the product before shipping it back. As quickly as you make the cake, it will be ready to sell in that same amount of time!

Co-packers are an effective way to partner with other individuals to produce your product quicker. If you're ready to skyrocket your sales, then investing in co-packaging services is your way to go.

How Do I Know if I Need Consumer Goods Packaging?

Packaging operations are not cheap, so get a co-packer when your business is ready for one. You need to be able to afford these services without sacrificing your business profit. To better understand whether you are ready to find a co-packer, reflect on the following:

Your Consumer Goods Demand Exceeds Production

So your demand is growing, that's great! But if you don't have the means to catch up, then you're going to end up with dissatisfied customers and a bad reputation. This is when a co-packer should be your next step.

If you're struggling with any of these signs, then start researching co-packing companies that can lessen the burden.

  • You are stressed about how much you can produce daily

  • You don't have time to market your business

  • You want to make new products but don't have time

You Have the Money

If your business is doing well and you're still sliding by with a small team, then it's time to invest in your future. You don't want to stay stationary, and co-packaging services can boost your sales rather quickly. Not only that, but they guarantee your business's growth.

It's great to save money, but it's equally important to invest it. Invite a co-packaging company into your business so you can have a life-long income.

Your Packaged Goods Are Easy to Recreate

Do you have a finalized recipe? Can you create your product in under a few minutes or hours? If so, then your product is ideal for mass production! A co-packer will be able to not only pack your goods but also produce them.

If your demand is continuing to grow faster than you can keep up with, a co-packer can become a helping hand in the production process. Don't confine every co-packaging service to just labeling. They can be a partner in your business as well!

Benefits of Product Packaging Companies

The benefits of a co-packer are endless, but it all starts with having a solidified business. Don't invest in a co-packer if you aren't financially ready to, or if you don't have finalized products. These services are best used when you're ready to turn your riches into wealth!

Reduce Costs

In the long run, partnering with a co-packer will reduce your costs and increase production at the same time. Large-scale packaging is expensive, but a co-packaging company has your labels and packages in bulk. Not only that, but a good company will have high-quality equipment and an experienced team.

You Gain Certifications

A co-packer company should always be certified, so you're able to gain those same certifications without lifting a finger.

Faster Production

If you thought getting a co-packer couldn't get any better, then you may have forgotten that these companies will naturally make production exceed its limits. A company with growing demand will benefit from a co-packing service that can produce efficiently.

How Do I Choose a Co-Packer?

Choosing a co-packer is no easy feat. You're placing your business's reputation in another company's hands. Make sure you're choosing a service that is reliable and dedicated to making your brand luxurious. Before you choose a co-packer, ask yourself the following questions:

Do They Have Reviews and Referrals?

Don't ever choose a co-packing company that you have not seen the work of. Get in touch with their past clients and ask for their experience. Read reviews online. When in doubt, follow the three R's: Research, review, and referrals.

Research the company and what they are known for. What products do they commonly produce? After this, look at online reviews. Have previous clients had any issues? Lastly, look at referrals. Have any companies you know of recommended them?

No matter if you're looking for a co-packer to fully produce your goods or simply label them, you must research so you know you're receiving professional help.

Are They Efficient?

Co-packers are supposed to speed up business production, not slow it down; if you come across a co-packaging service that is known to work slowly, then you might want to look elsewhere.

A co-packager should have quick turnaround times for them to be beneficial for your business. Don't slow down production by taking in a co-packer that isn't efficient enough.

Do They Have Effective Communication?

Bad communication is a huge red flag for any business, so test consumer goods packaging companies for effective communication. This can be as easy as tracking:

  • How long the company takes to respond to emails, phone calls, etc

  • How they handle customer service

  • The quality and quantity of their communication

  • How they perform proper business practices and values

For example, our co-packaging company MiLK&BULLS is dedicated to quick, helpful, and efficient communication with all clients. You're encouraged to give us a call at any time you need assistance!

Are They Familiar With Your Product?

If a co-packing service has only packaged for bottle companies, then it's not the best for a business selling food, such as bakery desserts. Invest in a co-packer that is familiar with the product you're producing.

Have Questions!

Any trustworthy co-packaging company will accept all questions with no complaints, so you must be prepared to interview each co-packer business. You're placing your reputation in their hands; don't be nervous to get your hands dirty. Some questions you can ask for clarity are:

  • Do you have experience working with similar products?

  • How modern is your equipment?

  • What other services do you offer?

  • Are you available for effective communication daily?

Interview these companies with your vision in mind. The worst thing that can happen is that your co-packaging company skews your business status. Avoid any mishaps and get your concerns answered!

Get Packed With a Co-Packer!

A co-packer is a way to lift the burden off your shoulders and get some extra help. Product packaging is stressful, and co-packing your package will allow you to focus on your business more. Your consumer goods will not only be produced faster but also upgraded in luxury.

Wondering how a consumer goods design company can help your business today?

Get your horns and receive high-end service in no time!

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