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As a deeply art driven design firm, our office teamed up to submit to the annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Can Art Competition.


This was an extremely fun meditation and exploration for our team.



When approaching a new product or service you must consider how to build a brand identity and visual language, which is why working on a heritage brand - with an established brand image - is so enticing. There is so much more one can experiment with the building your brand is not part of the equation. This is why we decided to take the already perfect logo and color palette and manipulate/distort them until we had created something entirely new. Utilizing the logo colors and the can silver for a fifth color, we came up with this exciting take on the original brand identity design. 

pabst label 1.png


Pabst label 2.png


This second custom beer can label is defined by its type design. One aspect of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Can Art Competition is the opportunity to create a logo for the company, while you are not allowed to create a brand identity, you are given an opportunity to put your own spin on the existing one. Though a custom logo is exciting, we took a different direction by designing a unique logotype. Then we paired the typography with imagery that properly represented the Pabst branding.The end result is bedroom poster worthy.



For the final design we thought once again to draw from the Pabst strong brand identity by using their slogan as inspiration. Creating a jumble of limbs, all attempting to Grab a Pabst. Once again utilizing the logo colors  and can silver for a dynamic design - we thought this would be a hit on social media and every family BBQ. A very effective use of the brand positioning, we believe this was the strongest of our beer can label designs.

Space Suds.png
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