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Every Origin X coffee bean is roasted with precision & care in Brooklyn. We are a brand built on community through coffee. 

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Origin x Coffee is an immensely art driven brand, with different SKUs being deeply inspired by the land that the ingredients get their origin from. When bringing multiple new items to market alongside their team, it was vital for us to follow these guidelines and seamlessly add to the existing line. 

MilkBull-InstagramPost-1stStepBeach-11152021-IV copy.png
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Alongside each new flavor also came beautiful watercolor composites of items inspired by the flavor itself. Our team spent hours hand painting each of these items to look perfectly cohesive with existing brand materials.

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In addition to the new flavors came the products introduction the the William Sonoma online store. For this process, beyond the administrative end of things, our team built multiple lifestyle composites for each brand flavor. This was necessary as we were bringing products to market on a tight timeline and we in fact had not received a physical product yet - this meant digital composites would be our only choice. The end result was beautiful takes on each flavor in brand relevant enviroments.

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