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Let's Get Your Song Heard By Real Fans

What We Do

MiLK&BULL team of musicians, producers, and marketing experts work together to identify similar artists and topics related to your music video to ensure your music video get's shown to real people who will be interested in your music. 

Our Packages include

  • Audience Research and Identification

  • Custom Landing page with links to Spotify, Apple, Music, and Sound Cloud

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Real Results

  • Instagram shoutout 

Music Promo Case Study

The MiLK&BULL team provided promotion services for Emoney's song Tulum. The song was a viral hit on TikTok but wasn't getting the love you'd expect after it was officially released. This is where we came in. Before we started the campaign the music video had 8.5k views and when we finished it had 26k views! 


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EMoney Tulum data.JPG


Emoney After.jpg

The Data

Half the people we showed this video to watched the entire thing. People will love your song if you give them a chance to listen to it. 


What Genres Do We Promote? 

- All Genre's

How is the Promotion Done? 

- Using the YouTube ad platform

How Soon Will the Promotion Start? 

- 1 to 3 business days with results and reports delivered in 10 business days.

Is This Shady? 

- Nope, we follow all YouTube terms and conditions

I Have Some Additional Questions

- We are always happy to schedule a call. Just fill out our contact form.

How Many Views Will My Video Get?

- We target the top of the range for all packages selected. However, several factors can affect the performance of campaigns leading to more or less views. 

Where Are the Viewers Located? 

- We target the USA and Canada. Unless an artist specifies their interest in other countries. 

I have a Linktree, Can you Use this instead of a landing page? 

- Yes of course. 

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We promote artists like you on YouTube and Instagram to help get them scene. Using our proprietary process we make sure your music reaches the ears of potential fans. 


This is how we turn viewers into real fans.


Other Services

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Production (Music, Art & Video)

With our industry connections, client base and direct partners at VerseContent, we can get you in touch with the tools you need to make your music and music videos for your upcoming project.

VerseContent have created a digital production experience to help you create music easier. 

Learn more about VerseContent.

Album Rollout

Our dedicated design and marketing team is ready to work with you on the creative direction of your album artwork and rollout. This will get you the most cohesive and exciting rollout for your fans.


Build real hype.