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We want to celebrate the rich heritage and apple diversity across the west coast by continuing to use 100% fresh pressed west coast apple juice. 

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Now a staple of the Golden State Cider brand, the Radical Paradise was a fun undertaking due to it toeing the line of cohesion with the Core Series cans and being a limited edition product. This lead to a label treatment that is unlike anything else in the Golden State line up, with a background label texture, bright colors and the addition of a brand mascot in the Pineapple Man. This can simultaneously blends in and stands out from the crowd at Golden State Cider.

radical paradise gram.png
BRUT modficiations.png



The Brut is a fan favorite amongst the Golden State crowd, yet one of its greatest selling points had never really taken center stage - its zero sugar status. This was our goal for modifying the can design, bringing this massive selling point to the forefront without distracting from what made the original can design so compelling in the first place.