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Whole Foods Packaging 

With more than twenty By the Way Bakery products getting picked up for Whole Foods northeastern stores, MiLK&BULL was tasked with refreshing their labels with a greater focus on their gluten-free clientele. Furthermore, the other must for us was to find a way to make the product packaging design feel closer to the entire By the Way brand image.

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by the way SC - 1.png

Burst and more... 

The new implemented burst in the top left of all products is the most obvious change, and for good reason. Beyond reminding that this is a GF & DF product, the use of "Always" instills confidence in the consumer. Then the use of the hangtag logo, rather than unique product logos creates cohesion and works as a callback, which is beyond important for small businesses pr small brands that are still trying to make a lasting impression the market. 

Instagram & Marketing 

By the Way Bakery stood in a unique position due to the way consumers would rip and share images of cakes, products and designs from their bakery and their competitors. This is where we came up with the idea to use their hangtag logo as a physical watermark within all marketing materials. Simultaneously, we established the aesthetic look for their instagram, using a modern approach to vintage and often monochrome food photography, the end result of which has given BTW one of the most unique instagram brands in the baking, social

media space. 


Love, BTW

Another unique opportunity that By the Way had was the idea of using the well-known acronym "BTW" as a secondary brand identity. We first began using this as a signature for all brand instagram posts. The warm reception of which resulted in us turning it into its own brand identity design - branching out into other marketing materials, including pins, sweatshirts, mugs and more.