Entropy Led Them 

by Sim Simah & Entropy 47 

This project was a visceral reaction to the continued police brutality and injustice that has plagued the black communities of America. This album artwork is meant to aid in the story telling on the record. Sim's lyrics depict violence, frustration and anger towards the injustice's his community faces. The motif of the ski mask threading the cassette - his words come from trauma of real experiences - and this album is made from the fibers of his very being. 

album ting.png

Artwork Details 

Beyond the ski mask motif, there were hidden details, including that of a police evidence tag with the number '3' - meant to signify this being the third project by Sim Simah. The CD itself carries over the cassette imagery to remind the listener of the ski mask metaphor once more.

Album rollout 

The project was dropped on October 31st and was accompanied by an instagram feed visual identity for promo. Our team felt it best to use black and white to pair with the album brand colors. Many of the photos that ended up in the feed during this time also included visual cues to the ski mask and album to come. However, for the lead single, IM HOT, the artwork was done in an entirely heat mapped or rainbow color palette to break up the monotony of the feed and bring even more eyes to the music. 

IM HOT - web.png


by Sim Simah 

Much like an album single itself, our team felt that the artwork should be a sneak peak of what is to come. While taking taking the ' IM HOT' concept to a literal extreme in concept and color palette, we once again show the ski mask to continue the motif, and the figure themself holding a weapon is of course a  visual nod to the violence and pain that the album is born from.